Our Business Relationships

Lanza Financial strives to emulate financial industry best practices during our time as your Guide in your Journey. Therefore, we work with reputable firms in the financial industry with a proven track record of customer service and success. We can then provide the products and resources generally only possible through larger organizations These relationships allow us to provide dedicated, personalized service our clients want and deserve.


Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. serves as our Broker-Dealer and Registered Investment Adviser. Cambridge provides compliance oversight, processing transactions, and due diligence for our product offerings. We chose Cambridge for several reasons, including the firm’s commitment to serving financial professionals and their clients. We also chose Cambridge because it is an internally controlled firm and not publicly traded. Learn more about Cambridge

Orion Advisor Solutions

The Orion Advisor Solutions brand entities create a complete yet modular offering that connects client goals more meaningfully to investment strategies and outcomes, and ultimately track progress towards each investor’s unique definition of financial success. Learn more about Orion Advisor Solutions

Ash Brokerage

Ash Brokerage assists us with insurance and risk management services. Lanza Financial doesn't have to do the bulk of the due diligence work alone as Ash Brokerage finds the industry's best insurance solutions for your needs by simplifying insurance processes. Learn more about Ash Brokerage